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WHY SHFTZ / YangShan Deep Water Area

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Shanghai Yang Shan Deep Water Bonded Area is located next to Yang Shan Bonded Port Area.yangshan free trade zone
It provided modern accommodations, culture entertainment,college education,tourism services and other omnibearing city service.Lin Gang New Town has provided other advantages to Yang Shan Bonded Port Area,like container water railway,in land river transportation.This provided a function support and industry extension for Bonded Port Area.
November 18th of 2009,the Administrative Committee was listed."Three Area" corporation development was started.According the requirements of international shipment development experimental construction,Yang Shan Bonded Port Area strengthened the reform and innovation dynamics,Constantly explore function breakthrough,quicken industrial agglomeration and quicken the responsibility of Shanghai international shipment center constructions.Yang Shan Bonded Area has now formated a series function breakthrough relied on the innovation exploration of Comprehensive Bonded Area: The activation of financial leasing business is the new breakthrough of financial service in Yang Shan. The exploration of water-water transference has further enhanced the hinge function of Yang Shan Port.The promoting of future bonded experimental has pushed Yang Shan shipment logistic to a high level.The construction of bonded exhibition sale center has injected trading function to the bonded area.The present Yang Shan bonded area is generally forming the trends of distribution center of transnational corporation,major Shipment enterprises,third party logistic enterprise,nonferrous metal collection.      yangshan ftz
First Class deep water port equipments,complete complementary conditions,internationalization bonded port area system,preferential investment polices,have made a very good foundation for Yang Shan Bonded Port Area.Along with the deep development of three area and the optimizing configuration of comprehensive bonded area,the energetic Yang Shan is now moving forward to the Shanghai Shipment Center with complete port logistic facility,container value added services and developed service industry,outstanding international transference,purchasing distribution,radiation services and strong economic contribution, and international competitiveness.
In order to further perfect the business environment of Yangshan,Yangshan bonded port area has now already developed free bus Line 1(enclosed with the bus route map),and the bus route is connected with traffic outside the port.Furthermore,the catering center,the surrounding public service facilities and public lavatory will be perfected, and the medical service and health care center will also be introduced to the port(2nd floor,Block A, Business Plaza Shenshui port)At the same time,the Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee has formulated financial support policies covering "3 district" and "12th five-year plans",and established quick-responding,efficient enterprise service network and mature Comprehensive law enforcement mechanism,providing better investment environment for the company.

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