WHY SHFTZ / Trading Function

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WHY SHFTZ / Trading Function

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WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone Trading Functionwaigaoqiao ftz
---Industrial Function of FTZ---
During the past decade,with the opening-up of Pudong District and the adherence to the policy of opening-up,the Waigaoqiao FTZ economy has developed fast and formulated the port industry featured as international trading,modern logistics and advanced manufacturing.
---International trading---
The trade companies occupies a pivotal position in the development of the FTZ economy.Right now,the international trading industry in FTZ is booming as enterprises dealing with import and export business have reached 3083 and have business contact with 192 other countries.With the development of the international trading function,the FTZ has further expanded commodity exhibition services and established 3 main comprehensive trading market and over 10 professional bonded trading markets dealing with electromechanical,horologe and medicine industries.The amount of industries which have entered FTZ and officially become a part of it has reached 5286.
---The modern logistics industry---
The FTZ mainly develops the logistic distribution and third party logistics featured as “Bonded - lagging tax”,gathering over 1000 logistics warehousing industries including the world famous The German Logistics,DHL and UPS.From January to December of 2008,the operation revenue of logistics enterprises in FTZ has reached 235.6 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 13.6%.Waigaoqiao port’s container throughput was 15.387million standard container,covering almost 60% of the Shanghai port.Waigaoqiao FTZ which covers 1.03 square kilometers is the first pilot area of zone-port interactive area,it was inspected and approved in 2004 by the State Council, and now its in executive phase. At present, Wai Gao Qiao bonded area has already formed the four big function of international transportation, international distribution, international purchasing and international enter pot trade, achieved the water connection with other ports of Shanghai. And its now strengthen the promoting the application work of London futures metal delivery points and the construction work of transaction warehouse.The product value of the entry&exit area of logistic park area of 2008 has achieved 55 billion US dollars, year on year growth is 44.7%. At the same time,they are now positively apply for the expanding construction of logistical park area, and plan to provide logistic services for the fourth fifth and sixth dock of Wai Gao Qiao Port area.
Advanced Manufacturing Industrywaigaoqiao freetradezone
Through positively optimize product mix,Wai Gao Qiao manufacturing industry are constantly increase technology innovation ability,mostly promote the research towards to industry link,upstream design and maintaining,technical service and downstream extension and upgrading, forming a manufacture link and industry system which compromise the Yangtz River Delta. Form January to December of 2008, The total industrial output value of Wai Gao Qiao Functional Area is 55.563 billion US dollars, year on year growth is 9.4%.
Form international trading,manufacturing to modern logistic,the three main industries of bonded area have been through the exploration phase and now become the core function of this area. Let trading mobilize logistic, let logistic promote trading and let trading promote advanced manufacture industry. This three function of bonded area are supporting each other and combined each other, that’s the reason that the bonded area has outdid the traditional pattern and stepped into the compound type of developing road.

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