WHY SHFTZ / International Airport Zone

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WHY SHFTZ / International Airport Zone

 Shanghai PuDong International Airport Free Trade Zone.airport free trade zone

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In July third of 2009,the state council has approved to set up PuDong Airport
Comprehensive Bonded Area.The sign of Shanghai will construct a preferential polices most,function most custom special supervisal area. Pu Dong area will including comprehensive bonded area,bonded area,bonded logistic park,export processing area major custom special supervisal area at the same time.It will allow it to be the area with most abundant and function completed custom special supervisal types.The construction of airport comprehensive bonded area will definitely become another "engine" to promote Shanghai economic development.Without a doubt,it will have a major pushing function to the quicken development of "Four Pre-" and construction of "four centers",also,a very important carrier of the achievements of Shanghai shipment center and "Three port Three area" joint development.Good complementary service environment: Pu Dong airport custom service center is located in the public service center of the area,there are management lobby of customs,inspection and quarantine,taxation and the administration of industrial and commercial,including 393 service windows.It formed a governmental one-step service system,provide convenient services for company's custom declaration,inspection, tax settlement and etc. Surrounding transportation are suburb ring,outer ring,Ying Bin Avenue,Hua Xia road elevated and Shen Hu highway.There are Hu Cong Su,Yan Jiang and Hu Ning highway to the north which lead to Jiang Su and etc cities,through Hang Pu,Hang Su highway to the south which lead to Zhe Jiang and etc area.In the twelve five-year planning of Pu Dong New District,metro line 11 will extend to Pu Dong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area.The terminal point Pu Dong international airport connected with line 2.The East High Speed Rail Way station is also planned to be constructed near Pu Dong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area.The transportation will be very convenient.
Completed and convenient logistic operating environment:Shanghai Pu Dongpudong airport freetradezone
Comprehensive Bonded area use the base of special shipment source advantages of Shanghai,supported custom submitted separately and approve all together,approve all together and give out separately, integrity management,appointment of extra work preferential policies and inspection and etc convenient facilities.At the same time, the construction of air transportation service platform,the opening of convenient channel of the air transportation and express delivery,the restructure of crossing custom air transportation, boded under the pattern of port-dock integration,and synchronous operating of product supervisal have created a good soft environment for products distribution center,air transportation bonded logistic and express delivery business.
As one of the custom supervisal area which have the most preferential policy and function,Shanghai Pu Dong comprehensive bonded area are constantly focus on functional innovation and prior to carry and try,since its whole operation, its' area's industry function have achieved many breakthroughs and developed quickly:Setted the country's first financial leasing show room and comprehensive service platform.Financial leasing industry presented a situation of centralization.large-scale and diversification development.Relying on the development opportunity of Pu Dong Airport shipment resources and port-dock integration,the electronic original parts,industrial parts,medical equipments and air transportation products with high additional value of four high-end products center have been formed.Further develop international transference,high-end product trading exhibition, aviation training service, maintenance detection and such air services towards air.Plan to create a advanced area towards air services,and become the new light spot of Shanghai shipment center.

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