About FTZ / General Planning

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About FTZ / General Planning

---General Planning of Shanghai Free Trade Zone---shanghai ftz map

1.Tax policies with more international competitive.
2.Foreign financial institutions open foreign capital banks.
3.Promote the innovative pattern of international trading.
4.Private capital and foreign financial institutions open joint venture banks.
5.Reforming and perfecting the area supervisal system.
6.Foreign invested enterprises can apply for <Payment Transaction License>.
7.Innovation of International Ship registration system.
8.Allow the registration of foreign invested credit information company.
9.International CNY and foreign exchange reformation.
10.No minimum register capital for financial leasing.
11.Free Trade Zone promote the conveniency of enterprises invest abroad.
12.CNY convertible (on probation).
13.Cancel some limitations of foreign investment enterprise requirements.
--Shanghai Free Trade Zone-- PK --Shen Zhen Qian Hai--
Generally,in the past,most of foreign investors need to invest a company in Hong Kong,then invest their company in the name of their Hong Kong company.The formation of Shanghai Free Trade Zone will change this pattern completely.It allows foreign investors invest in Shanghai China direct from their own country.Shanghai will take over the international financial trading center from Hong Kong in the coming future.
Acreage:Acreage of Shanghai Free Trade Zone is 28 square kilometers,and Shen Zhen Qian Hai is 15 square kilometers.
ftz acreageLocation:Shanghai Free Trade Zone include Wai Gao Qiao,Bonded Logistical Park,Yang Shan Port Bonded Area,Pu Dong International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area.Shen Zhen Qian Hai include Hong Kong,Shen Zhen and Guang Zhou.
GDP scale:Free Trade Zone is 11000 billion,and Perl River Delta is 4800 billion.
Positioning:Shanghai Free Trade Zone International Financial Center have a complete and comprehensive system while Shen Zhen is a opening testing.
Core advantages:Free Trade Zone have a good financial foundation.                                    
Shanghai and Shen Zhen this two area are both take financial innovation as the most important thing, that makes there's a big competition between this two.As the market planning,Shanghai Free Trade Zone will conclude rate marketization,exchange rate free,financial business wide open and etc.Compares to Shen Zhen Qian Hai,Shanghai may step a little further.

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